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Helping you attain deeper understanding of the nuanced human condition, rather than teaching you merely how to become a clinical-skills-set technician...


Currently only accepting Supervisees interested in practicing from a Psychoanalytic theoretical framework.

My Approach to 

Clinical Supervision

Because Clinical Supervision usually spans over a long period of time, it allows for establishing meaningful, profound, working relationships. 

I work best with those who are intellectually curious, self-aware, motivated, courageous to grow as a professional, and who display mindful intention in their work with clients. 

My work in supervision is also most beneficial to those who commit to working together through their entire journey towards their full license -typically about two years, thus lending opportunities to jointly witness and reflect on the gains and growth through this trajectory.

Together, we will co-create a learning path that will guide you into attaining a fully integrated professional identity.

Contacting Me About Supervision

*LCMHCAs (formerly LPCAs ):

Currently offering supervision exclusively as a "Primary Supervisor", allows me to focus all my energies on serving best those with whom I work on a regular, consistent, and long-term basis to see them through attaining full licensure.

Clinical Supervision services are available online for weekly sessions. 

Taking the time to carefully review my Supervision Style, Services, Experience, &Testimonials, will offer you an opportunity to learn more about me and how I work with supervisees.

This will also allow you to better ascertain your interest in coming in for a

1-Hour Initial Consultation for $45.- (This is approx 30% off the regular fee -charged to fully licensed professionals, & less than 50% of the provisionally/restricted licensee fee)

I charge this nominal fee for the initial consultation because I reserve a full clinical hour to dedicate it exclusively for our meeting and begin to know each other:

Choosing the right Clinical Supervisor for you will effect your best use of all of your future supervision sessions for -*roughly* the next 2 to 2-1/2 years towards full Licensure!

Choosing the right Supervisee for me will allow me to confidently serve as your evaluator, as well as feel comfortable to ethically support your work.

It is important that we jointly determine the potential for a mutually fruitful, long-term, supervisory relationship. 

My Supervision Style

I aim at providing you with high quality supervision and consultation. My preferred style is one of acting as a guiding catalyst to the inner process of the supervisee’s development into a solid mental health professional.

I work from a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy-oriented framework with clients, and believe that -inasmuch as it is true in psychotherapy and counseling, the supervisee also has the answers to their doubts and hesitancies in the treatment they are providing to clients. However, they may not always be able to access these answers readily.

My framework for supervision also stems from the belief that a graduate level degree in mental health, provides much more than the skills necessary to practice in the field. It also affords us the intellectual sophistication necessary to understanding human behavior and conceptualizing our clients' presentation within the intricate complexity of their daily lives.

My goal is to helping you attain understanding of the nuances of the human condition, rather than teaching you to merely become a clinical-skills-set technician.

Our collaboratively working together will facilitate shedding light on these challenges.  

I am committed to offering a learning environment and direction to educational resources, which are integrally foundational to those just starting in the mental health field.

The goal of my supervision work is not solely directed at meeting the NC Licensing Board requirements; rather, its higher purpose lies in fostering the supervisee's trajectory towards becoming a more intentional and thoughtful professional.

I continually evaluate supervisees by their motivation to learn, diligence in engaging in their own professional development, and capacity for self-reflection and critical thought.

Supervision & Consultation Services & Fees

Currently I offer the following services to Mental Health Professionals:

  • Clinical Consultation to Fully Licensed Mental Health Professionals, such as LCMHC, LCSW, LMFT, and LPA
  • Clinical Supervision to LCMHCA (formerly LPCA ), professionals who have attained a Master's or PhD Degree and hold a restricted License, required by the NCBCMHC (formerly NCBLPC) to be under the supervision of an approved supervisor.
  • Provisional/Associate Professionals from other disciplines, please read details at bottom of page*
  • I offer Clinical Supervision in a manner that is fully compliant with the NC State Laws for attaining the LCMHC License, regarding frequency, documentation, etc. 

However, I am not the "expert" in NC licensing law...

For ALL detailed information regarding licensing requirements, please visit the NCBLCMHC website directly. Visit it often, and read it carefully. This is the most updated and accurate resource for information regarding Licensing Law!

If you are interested in enhancing your theoretical and conceptual perspective, as well as in diversifying your repertoire, give me a call to set up an initial meeting so we may discuss it more at length.

Please, call me directly at (919) 403-8571 to personally arrange an initial time for us to meet and explore the feasibility of a fruitful and mutually satisfying Supervisory relationship. There is a half price discount for this initial "meet-each-other" session.

Fees for Online Clinical Supervision/Consultation

All fees include the viewing of/listening to raw session-client material -when applicable or required by your Licensing Board, during the course of the supervision hour. Personal Check, MasterCard*,Visa*, & American Express are accepted. (Note: Credit Card processing fee applies to these.) NO Discover or Debit cards, please)

-Clinical Consultation to Fully Licensed Professionals: 


-Clinical Supervision to Restricted Licensed Professionals (i.e.: "Associates"): Read options below

  • Option #1-Individual Supervision (One-on-One) for Restricted Licensees (e.g.: LCMHCAs):     $95.-/hour---->
  • Option #2-Dyadic Individual Supervision (i.e. Two Supervisees Max.) for Restricted Licensees (LCMHCAs) $65.-/hour
  • Option #3 Group Supervision* (Three (3) or More Supervisees) (Only as Supplemental to Individual Supervision) : $65.- per 2-Hour Session)  ~~Not currently available~~

*Group Supervision is Allowed Up to a Maximum of 25% of the Combined Total of Supervision Hours -per NCBLCMHC Standing Rules; visit the NCBLCMHC website for specific details.


*Those with restricted Licenses from disciplines other than LCMHC, should consult with their respective Licensing Boards to ascertain that receiving supervision from an LCMHC-S is accepted, and that it will fulfill the supervision component towards their full licensure requirements. You as the supervisee, will solely hold full responsibility for securing accurate information regarding this important matter.


Please, be sure to also visit my "Experience as a Supervisor" page to learn more about me.

Please contact me by phone and leave a confidential voice message at:

(919) 403-8571

(Be sure to leave your full name and best phone number & time(s) to reach you)

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