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Testimonials from Supervisees and

Professional Colleagues

"I received my LPC license under the tutelage of Lili Sznaidman, an insightful and caring LPC Supervisor. She invested me with her wisdom of multicultural experiences from her own experiences in the mental health world. She assisted me with thinking critically about boundary issues with my clients and my contracting agency. She recommended helpful books parents of my clients to read. Lili respected me as a supervisee to hold me to the LPC requirements for licensure. Her comments assisted me to think about why I made the interventions I did and to notice the positives of my work. Lili instructed, encouraged, and engaged my critical thinking. I engage my clients with more thoughtfulness and respectfulness in therapy due to working with Lili. I truly benefited from working with Lili for the three years that she was my supervisor for licensure. My journey toward maturity as a therapist has been deeply impacted as a result of our relationship. I highly recommend her as a LPCS"

"I am pleased to recommend Lili Sznaidman as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor. I am confident that her motivation, clinical skills, and training expertise will be utilized in her clinical supervision as well as in her work with clients. I have had the pleasure to work with Lili in a few different contexts for over ten years. For over a year and a half we provided therapy together at Family Counseling Service of Durham, a community mental health clinic. When I began my work at FCS she assisted with my training and was always accessible for my questions and for case consultation.

Lili has also established peer supervision for a group of Licensed Professional Counselors. Bringing her insights and organizational skills she has an established a safe, and thoughtful supervision group which has been consistently attended for over five years. This group has fostered my growth as a clinician and has provided a lot of support for me.

Lili is able to work with professionals of many disciplines and she brings energy and compassion to her clinical work. She has an energized spirit for teaching and learning in clinical supervision and will provide great training and support to her supervisees. Lili is a very experienced clinician who is wonderfully connected to different community resources.....I am confident that Lili will be a great supervisor and I enthusiastically recommend her"

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